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Saturday, August 18, 2007

On pariah dogs

I've just read much of the factual information in your blog about pariah dogs,
which was most interesting.

It coincides to a large extent to what I've always believed. M. Krishnan wrote
an informative piece on them in his 'Country Notebook' column in the Statesman,
which has been reproduced in a collection edited by Ramchandra Guha. He
describes the characteristics of the typical breed, and our three dogs
conform to them. We know them to be intelligent, loyal, hardy, cleanly
and good watchdogs. In the words of an article I read on them, 'they
can thrive on an extremely ordinary ration.' They are also well formed
and good-looking.

While it might be a good idea to preserve the breed this would carry
the risk of reducing them to show animals, in which case they would
lose their present good qualities. They remain useful in the wilder parts
of the world, and I remember coming across an article in the Statesman not
long ago about a prized breed of hunting dog in Malaysia, containing
a drawing of one, which looked much like ours.

A. Chaudhuri


Aditya said...

Hi, thanks for putting this up. Do you still have that article from 'The Statesman' with you? If so, could you please scan it put it up here?


Anonymous said...

Reply from Arijit Chaudhuri:

Unfortunately, I haven't kept the article, but I remember the
picture was of the Telomian in the MacDonald's encyclopaedia of Dogs,
and the information more or less what you get on that breed on the

Rajashree Khalap said...

I am planning to order the book of M Krishnan's writings (It's called Nature's Spokesman)and will certainly scan and post the chapter here. I also managed to get a copy of The Indian Dog by Major W V Soman - it was published in 1963 and has a chapter on the Pariah Dog.