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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Remembering Jippy

She was a 7 week old pup who had been walking up and down our road crying piteously for a couple of days. Finally, my daughter and I could bear it no longer, we went in search of her and found her under a car near our building. She was a tiny orange coloured pup with upright ears and a half inch long tail! When we found her, she was covered in petrol. We took her home, bathed her, fed her and decided to keep her. She grumbled throughout the process! We called her Jippy and she lived for 15 years.

Maybe because of the petrol, Jippy got a terrible skin infection. The Vet we contacted told us to get rid of her and he would get us a pedigree dog! Needless to say, we got rid of the Vet! Then we approached Dr.Joshi in Santa Cruz. He was Head of Department in the Parel Animal Hospital. He congratulated us for adopting a pariah and assured us there was nothing wrong with her. He was right. After some treatment, Jippy always had a beautiful coat and sparkling eyes. She also had a sense of humour. When we tried to 'train' her to return to us, that is, 'come', she would run towards the hand holding the treat, grab the titbit in a sweeping movement and race off like the wind!

Minutes before she passed away, Jippy ate a complete butter-scotch ice cream from the cup I held for her as she lay in her basket. As my husband went upstairs, her eyes followed him, glowing with love and affection. Moments later she died.

We really loved our Jippy and we'll always miss her.

Vivienne Choudhury

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