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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mr. Joey Longtail

Mr. Joey Longtail hops across the lane,
Jumping like a kangaroo, (hence the special name),
Runs a mile in half a sec, there, he's coming back
His nails are on the staircase; clickety, click, click, clack.

He's brown with a white muffler, socks and tip of tail,
He could be quite a gentleman, but alas, his manners fail.
Too curious is our Joey and far too impolite,
You cannot eat a morsel without giving him a bite.

Once he was stray pup, then he found me out,
Hugged me with his long arms, pushed me with his snout,
Determined and quite certain, he knew he'd found a friend
Why else would he choose ME and only me to drive around the bend?

Quickly, through the pouring rain he would come for shelter,
Then he'd dance about the house; such a helter skelter
Oh, he's gone, and as I speak, has swiftly made some hops,
And there, he's run to meet the maids coming from the shops.

Someone tried to fend him off with a small umbrella
But Joey snatched it fast and ran, the naughty little fella!
Someone tried to leave his scooter safely in the shade
But in two days Joey showed us of what stuff the seat was made!

The house it bears his marks alright, on table legs and walls
He tried a little curtain but didn't like it's taste at all
They say teething takes a few more months and believe me, I am counting
Because Joey's small excesses get expenses simply mounting!

Sure, Joey gets a ticking off every now and then
And sometimes a smack across the nose, and then he's NOT my friend
He collects his treasures, one red ring and the nighty on the floor
And gives me long, resentful looks and heads towards the door.

He's back in minutes but of course, to start his tricks again
And I'm right there, quite naturally, 'cause I'm still Joey's friend.

Bubla Basu


Ashvina said...

Exactly like my little Daku Benji.
But that is the fun of having pets.
Bubla as always has shown her love & commitment towards her Dogs.
People like her can make the lives of these dogs happy & secure

Rajashree Khalap said...

Bubla's Joey was in the kennel for neutering just before she adopted him - the poem describes him exactly! He really did jump like a kangaroo.

Shadow said...

Hi Bubla, I just loved your poem ,thought it great fun and shared it with some friends.They all loved it. Any more in the near future? Waiting hopefully ......