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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The INDog meeting in NYC!

Lovely photos of two overseas Club members, Leela and India, at their first meeting in New York City!

Leela and India loved each other and played for almost three hours. Their mums Yvonne and Caroline are going to make sure they meet regularly.

Wouldn't it be great if some of our Mumbai members could meet and play too? If anyone has any suggestions on how to organize this, do get in touch - email me on rajashree.khalap@gmail.com


doggylove said...

Hi Yvonne and Caroline!! First of all let me congratulate u for the compassion u have shown towards a mute animal roaming on the streets, no one to take care of, that too in a foreign land.We, in India get a lukewarm response if we even think of adopting a stray dog!!I am glad Leela and India could meet up.Also great to have u both as members of our indog group. keep writing more about them, also keep updating the photos!!bye,take care, regards, manik.

Yvonne said...

Hi Manik
I just got around to looking through some comments and admiring your dogs! These pariah dogs are simply amazing. After reading Turid Rugaas' book on Calming Signals in Dogs early last year (she is a very well-respected Norwegian dog trainer/researcher)I constantly see the way in which Leela negotiates her world with such dignity and integrity in her liberal use of exceptionally clear signals, both with humans and dogs (and cats too). When Leela first caught sight of India approaching about 50 feet away there was a completely different recognition in the way she responded. I felt quite emotional watching her posture change so markedly and her level of attention to India was something I had not seen before. It is such indescribable joy to watch them play for hours on end and we are hoping to do more to help those less fortunate in Bharata/India than our beloved pariahs here!! I am planning on coming to India for the month of October (probably end September in Bombay) so it would be a pleasure to meet you and Rajashree.

doggylove said...

Hi Yvonne!It would be great meeting up!!We all dog lovers, especially the ones who care for stray dogs, would be obliged if u help the street dogs in India!We volunteers try our level best to help these mute animals completely helpless, confused roaming on streets.I am really thankful to the Almighty that he sent these 2 angels namely ,tommy and blacky in my life!give my love to Leela,bye,and keep writing!Manik.