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Monday, March 17, 2008

Our relatives in Sri Lanka!

Meet Flopsy, Sri Lankan Pariah-mix and Bob, Sri Lankan Pariah. Obviously very very close cousins of our INDogs. (Another Sri Lankan, Hari, was featured here in a 24 January post.)

Flopsy and Bob belong to Kara and Kevin Cottle of the US, who have been living in Negombo, Sri Lanka for three years. They'll all be going to the US soon.

Here's what Kara has to say about the canine members of the family: "Flopsy was the alpha leader of a local pack whom we befriended. Bob just chose the right gate to crawl under when she was a puppy. Both of them had to be coaxed into the auto at first, but now riding around is their favourite thing in the world." We can see that from Flopsy's photo!

Negombo, Sri Lanka


Bea said...

good luck in the states, love Bea and Hari

doggylove said...

hi! just remembered, one thing about my dogs, i too have taken them for fun rides in an autorickshaw many times, they love it so much that during our general walks, if an auto comes and halts besides us, my dogs hastily jump into it, leaving autowallah stunned!! i have to coax them to alight the auto! best wishes! manik, tommy, blacky, chinky.

Rajashree Khalap said...

A good business opportunity there for auto drivers...Someone should suggest to them that they start doing joyrides for doggies!

doggylove said...

Hi! Ya, sure! i know of many dog owners who have autowallahas 'booked' for rides to their dogs.whenever they want to take dog out to a vet or else they call the autowallah, and they roam as if in private vehicle!i have stored nums of dog friendly taxidrivers and their taxi nums too!

Bea said...

Hari loved the three wheelers of Sri Lanka, she hates our car in the uk and feels really sick when we take her anywhere, if only the UK had them.

Anne said...

Fun to see your doggies. Glad you got them home and nice to see where you were living in the background.

Anne P

Vinod said...

The breed in question is not 'Sri Lankan Pariah' but 'Sinhalese Hound' or 'Sinhala Hound'.

According to the 'Chiangmai Mail' vol III no 7, "When he is taken care of, the Sinhala hound seems to be an alert, watchful, sweet and obedient pet."

My household has been 'peopled' (or perhaps 'dogged') almost exclusively by strays and their offspring, and the best was probably 'Punchi Menike' a lovely little Sinhalese Hound.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks Vinod, that's really interesting. The Sinhala Hound is similar to the dingo and New Guinea Singing Dog, which makes it a pariah-type breed (like the Basenji). I feel so ashamed that in India we are lagging behind in recognizing our own primitive canine race, when other countries have already done this long ago.

Ryan said...


I hail from Cyelon and much interested in Ceylon Cats and Sinhala Hounds.

As I would like to have Ceylon cat and a Sinhala hound soon as possible...

Can you provide me with a contact of Dr. Paolo Pellegatta (for the cat) and any breeders for the dog please?



Kara said...

Actually, Flopsy and Bob, like most Sri Lankan pariahs, are only partly Sinhala Hound, hence the partial flop of one ear. Though Sri Lankan pariahs are reasonably considered a sub-type due to their isolation, around 70% are morphologically identical to Indian pariahs. If you want to consider that your Sri Lankan dog is a Sinhala Hound, it must by definition have two floppy ears.

Rajashree Khalap said...
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Rajashree Khalap said...

A pure pariah-type dog can't be partially anything, it is genetically pure and 100% aboriginal dog. Some dogs in India have been genetically profiled (in the Jharkhand region) and found to be uncontaminated and very close to the pure Dingo. A pure pariah-type dog must have erect ears.