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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The caring brother

As I wrote earlier, my Rick and Spike are two brothers who just cannot stay apart from each other. They are really inseparable and love each other a lot.

One more incident of Spike showing his devotion to his brother Rick...It was a Sunday, and we had just returned from our weekend home (they love it there). They were both very tired and were sleeping. They have a habit of coming and sitting in the kichen at 8.30 p.m. in the evening to wait for their dinner.

That day as expected Spike came but Rick was so tired that he kept sleeping. When we were just about to give them their food bowls Spike realised that Rick wasn't there. Normally Spike jumps up for his food as he loves chicken. But this time he went running to the room where Rick was sleeping, nosed him awake and almost seemed to whisper something to him! The drowsy Rick got up and followed his bhaiyya (brother) to the kichen for his dinner, which they both guzzled happily.

Prerana Sawant

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doggylove said...

Hi! nice to hear from u again about rick, and spike, what an incredible brotherhood bonding! really fascinating! i dont feel toomy will ever do that for blacky? yes , but if anybody(human or another dog) threatens blacky during our rounds, tommy is always there to protect him, that much 'bheja' he has thank god!!
i feel we should met sometime, actually all members! till then, bye, take care,manik, tommy, blacky, chinky.