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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Deepa when we first brought her home

Settling down

Deepa today

It was on Diwali night on the way back home, driving my old Fiat Padmini, that
I saw something really small running around in the middle of the road on the
opposite track. I made a U turn to see what it was and stopped in the middle of
the road, with cars and motorbikes horning loudly. There was no other dog
anywhere around but this small one, not knowing how to escape the traffic.

I took her into the car and my husband asked, where do we let her out?

At home of course, I said.

He wasn't very happy initially about our new family member but that changed within the
first week, and now he loves her as much as I do.

She was extremely hungry and thirsty, full of ticks and fleas, and had
a small injury near
her eye.
Someone had put nail polish on her head.

I called a veterinarian who promptly came and checked her. He guessed
her age to be about three or four weeks at that time and afterwards came regularly to see

Deepa is such a great dog. She likes visitors a lot and soon brings some toys
(sticks and so on) as soon as someone enters the house. But outside she can be
very protective and barks if anyone comes close to me. She is very scared of
other dogs, maybe because she has grown up with only us around. So I always take
her by car a little out of the locality to open fields where she can walk and run
freely. (Doesn't sound like Mumbai, right? But Kharghar is fortunately near hills and fields).

I thought meeting some people with the same type of dogs would be nice for Deepa, as she
never has contact with other dogs and she might learn not to be so scared of them. If there is
anyone in Navi Mumbai who would come for a walk sometimes, do get in touch.

Nicole Poyyayil
Navi Mumbai

Rajashree's note: If you would like your dog to meet up with Deepa, mail me on
rajashree.khalap@gmail.com and I'll put you in touch with Nicole.

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Malleka said...

Hats off to you for taking her home and giving the love and affection that each of these beautiful animals deserve.
Best Wishes