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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Notty is not my first pet. I had a pomeranian sixteen years ago. We used to live in Indore in a spacious house which had a big backyard for the dog to move around in and play. We had to give him away since we were going to shift to Bangalore and stay in a flat with limited space. For all these sixteen years almost every day I had been pestering my parents and trying to convince them to get me a pet..and now finally I managed to get one in March 2008. It was unexpected and the best gift I could ever have, 20 march being my birthday!

I have been religiously feeding street dogs, puppies, and kittens till date, but I never really thought of adopting a street dog for a cause! Like most of us even I wanted a pedigree dog. The reason I went for a mix-breed dog is that it was easier for me to convince my parents to get the pup home now.

But let me tell you I never thought I would feel so good about owning a mix-breed. Everyone in my family feels proud to say "Humne adopt kiya!" ("We adopted him"). And I wouldn't say that I have given Notty a loving home...he has made my "home sweet home" sweeter and more loving!

Aarti Subramaniam

Notty is one of the pups Charu Shah put up for adoption.


doggylove said...

hi! i know notty and her mothers story, i am really thankful to u aarti for adopting her, god bless u! wish u a very happy dog ownership, rather companionship!take care, manik.

I'm proud to be an Indian/Desi dog said...


It surely is a proud thing to own a mix breed pup/dog. I have a four year old and he is a charmer.
Glad Notty has a loving home.

Regards & Best wishes

I'm proud to be an Indian/Desi dog said...


I'd love for you to write for my website under 'my pet' section which basically is a section for ownres to talk about their pets and especially mix breed pups/dogs.
when you search on google.co.in as 'dog adoption' you get my website as a result as the first or second result. So, i know people do visit it and I'd love for people to indulge more and in the process get encouraged to adopt mix breed dogs by reading different stories of pet families who have already adopted them.
Hope to hear from you.