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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chinta and Hashi

I picked up two desi (native/pariah) dogs two months back. One is always engrossed in deep thought so we named her Chinta, meaning "thought" in Bengali. The other is an overfriendly perpetually smiling extrovert so we named her Hashi, meaning smile. Initially they would be jealous and suspicious of each other. They would have nasty fights. We learnt to stop the gruesome fights by distracting them by making a loud noise with a rod and also scolding them, in a calm assertive way. We gradually began to feed them together.

They can't be patted one at a time - the other gets jealous and growling ensues. So we make sure we pat and cuddle them, feed them, groom them, simultaneously!

Much to our relief, Chinta and Hashi have now become the best of friends and lick each other instead of attack. And it's so amusing to see them wrestle, playfight and hug each other!

Chinta barks only when strangers enter the house. Hashi...well, at dogs, horses and street children. Hashi plays the perfect host to strangers, with her smiling face, but at the same time observing every move they make, and making sure everything is all right.

Every morning we are greeted by two four-legged friends, with tails almost flying off in their frenzied delight at seeing us, after a gap of, er...a few hours!

Priyankana Ghosh

Photos: Chinta is brown, Hashi is the one with the black body


doggylove said...

Hi! chinta and hashi both r cute, so apprpriately and thoughtfully named!regards, manik.

Bea said...

Hashi looks so likemy little sri lankan Pi, Hari,
very cute pair indeed