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Friday, July 11, 2008

Help Coco find a home

A message from Charu Shah about Coco, one of Cleo's pups who has been up for adoption for a while:

Shes Coco. One of Cleo's litter, last to find a home and what a sad story this little girl has!
She was with her mom and uncle, kept locked in balcony the whole day. She was bitten on the neck by Max and still has a scar on her neck. After Max and Cleo were sent to a farm, she was again kept locked alone on a balcony (in the rain too). That balcony is on the fourth floor, with no roof over it, but the owner felt that the rain wouldn't harm her! She got an infection in her feet and ears due to the rain, but thankfully it's almost cured now. The owner also kept her alone at home, with the maid feeding her once or twice a day.

Then she was adopted by a girl who tried to persuade her parents to let her keep Coco. They managed to keep her for only three days, and then she was out!

She is now at a kennel (Patil's kennel at Charkop, Mumbai), waiting for a loving family to come and pick her up. Since she was kept alone she is a very scared dog and needs a lot of love and patience to make her feel comfortable. I went to the kennel to met her, and though she was meeting me after almost three months she recognized me and came running to me and sat in my lap. We went for a walk, and even though she was scared she trusted me completely and came along. She didn't want me to leave her and was almost pulling herself free from the kennel staff's chains when I was about to leave. Another friend of mine also went to see her, and though he was meeting her for the first time she took to him readily. He also mentioned that she is a scared little girl and needs to gain trust in humans. She has had a bad childhood and needs a warm and caring home. Any loving family who can take care of this cute little baby please reply to shahcharu76@yahoo.com

Charu Shah

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Nilanjana said...

I came to know about this website today . Pls let me know where is Coco now ?