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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hari in England

Some recent photos of Hari, who was adopted by Beatrice Hannah in Sri Lanka last year and later taken to the UK. Hari is short for Harriet, and the word also means "OK" or "very" in Sinhalese. This pretty little dog was featured here on January 24 - click here to see adorable puppy photos. As you can see, she's grown into quite a beauty - look at those ears!

Here's what Beatrice says about her:

"Hari has settled in well, she's made lots of friends and even has a little English dog living with her. She seems to like life in Britain, though she does get very excited if I offer her some mango and she still really likes to eat dahl as a special treat.

Hari's sense of fun and extremely gentle nature has made her much loved by all my family - and in particular my husband - they have a special bond. We often play hide and seek in the park and Hari always finds him.

Hari is so different from a British dog in the sounds she makes, the way she looks and her love of her (mainly human) pack. She would like to be part of a much bigger pack if possible and is always trying to add extra dogs and people to her family."

Incidentally I've read that the Sri Lankan pariah-type dog is called the Sinhala Hound.

Photos: Beatrice Hannah
Bristol, UK


Anonymous said...


Can you please give me some advice on the process for getting Hari into the UK? I want to take my INDog from Delhi to UK and finding it hard to speak to anyone who has gone through it, how long quarantine etc

My email address is sonali_craddock@hotmail.com, and would be grateful for any information


Bea said...

I've emailed,
good luck with it all


Keven said...

You can keep telling Hari's admirers that she is a pariah - though she undoubtedly has some Sinhala Hound ancestors, hound ears (by definition) are always floppy. She's really gorgeous.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hi Keven,
(a) A hound is any dog used for hunting, and though most well-known hound breeds do have floppy ears this is not an essential feature. There are several ancient prick-eared breeds which are also sighthounds. (b) The Sinhala Hound is described as being similar to the New Guinea Singing Dog and the Dingo, both of which are always and by definition erect-eared (they are pariah-type dogs) (c) A pure pariah-type dog does not have any ancestors except pure pariah-type dogs - they are not mix-breeds but a primitive race. I've explained this in the text in the panel on the right of the page. Hari is probably pariah-mix like many dogs today.

Rajashree Khalap said...

I would be very interested in seeing a picture of a Sinhala Hound, but haven't been able to find one on the net. I read a comment on an earlier post that they are flop-eared, in which case describing them as being similar to the Dingo and Singing Dog is incorrect. Have they been bred from the primitive/pariah dog?

Natasha said...

I brought my Sinhala Hound to the US from Sri Lanka last year. She's a great dog and very good natured EXCEPT when on walks and lately (now that she's nearly 2 years old - spayed last year in SL) becoming very aggressive towards other dogs. Not to mention a vicious puller during walks. Does anyone know more about this kind of dog and its behavior/characteristics? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have a pariah puppy in India does anybody have any advice on how to bring him to England, if so email gurj911@hotmail.co.uk thanks