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Sunday, September 28, 2008


My mother and I first saw Proton when he was a two week old puppy, ambling along on a very busy street. We stopped as he looked too small to be strolling alone. But as we had no clue as to how small was too small, we thought he could probably take care of himself. Right then a truck rolled by, an inch away from him. He made no attempt to get away and was looking around in a very bewildered fashion.

Realizing that something was amiss, I bent down and picked him up. He was incredibly tiny (750 g) and his eyes were not open yet. Finding no signs of Mamma dog or other babies in the vicinity, we brought him home. He was extremely hungry, tick-infested and guzzled up twice his volume in milk before settling down to sleep.

That was how Proton came home. The year prior to that we had had much doggy discussion at home - whether to get one, which one to get... My mother had been firm that if at all we bring home a doggy (for the first time and after much begging from my side), we should get a dog that wouldn't have a home otherwise. It seemed fair enough to me and we were thinking of getting one from the Blue Cross shelter before Proton decided that he had waited long enough. I named him Proton as he was our first, plus he was a small mass of positive energy...

Being our first experience with a canine of any sort, and especially one so small, his antics used to amaze us. We brought him up on cerelac, and had to keep changing flavours every week to get him to eat. Once his eyes opened fully he took charge of his duties as companion dog and started following us around everywhere, so much so that we had to tread very carefully not to step on this tiny thing. He was a great watchdog from the first and even as a puppy used to bark and chase away big bad dogs from our yard. He was a smart boy too, learnt 'sit' by eight weeks and made firm friends with everyone around, my great grandmother included. He is particularly close to my Dad, who used to carry him around tucked under one arm, during most of his babyhood.

Our neighbours were so impressed with his abilities that they too brought home an Indian dog!

People who used to tell us that we had to get non-vegetarian food for the dog are surprised to find that Proton is pure vegetarian and particularly loves potatoes and carrots. We can usually get him to do anything by dangling a sweet in front of him. Our vet offered him chicken post vaccination as a treat, and he firmly turned his nose away.

During the last one year he has grown quite a bit, as expected, and grown very handsome too. People who see him often ask what breed our dog is, and remark on his good looks. We are pleased to tell them he is an Indian dog and a great one at that.

Proton has opened our eyes to the beauty of these amazing animals, who do so well given a little love and care. So much so that we have recently adopted two more doggies.

Susmita Iyer

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