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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For dogs scared of firecrackers

Diwali will soon be here...and again most of us dog-owners have that sinking feeling.

Last year I had posted tips on dealing with dogs who are scared of firecrackers. Click here to read them. Canine behaviour consultant Shirin Merchant gives some excellent advice and there is also my post about the homeopathic remedy Borax 1M, which seems to work well on many dogs (cats too).

Playing soothing classical music seems to help. Last year my aunt played Pavarotti for her little INDog-mix Lucy, with very good results. Lata Bajaj also reported that Carnatic music helped calm down her Sandy and Myra.

Always the optimist, I'm looking forward to the day when our fellow Indians will be able to celebrate this festival without turning the country into something resembling a war zone.


Red Eyes said...

Dear Raj
I once had one that was so frightened of loud noises such as thunder and playing relaxing classical music calmed the nervous nerves.
When exactly is the festival and how come you share it with Nepal?
See you on red eyes...

Rajashree Khalap said...


Diwali is a festival which celebrates an episode in the Ramayan, the victory of the hero Ram over the demon Ravana. There are other stories connected with Diwali as well. Nepal has a predominantly Hindu population like India.

It's supposed to be a festival of light, and in the old days it must have been very beautiful because people put rows of oil lamps on window sills, balconies and so on. But nowadays people can't seem to appreciate light unless it is accompanied by sound, the louder the better.