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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coping with the loss of a pet

The death of a pet is a depressing topic but it's something we all have to face at some time or other. Since I've lived with animals for many years, I've had to face it quite a few times.

Apart from the sadness of losing a beloved pet, there is often a feeling that other people don't understand what such a loss means to you. Even your closest friends may be unable to empathize, unless they have been through the same experience.

I wanted to share the name of a homeopathic remedy I've found very useful at such times: Ignatia 1M. Obviously it can't instantly take away one's sadness, but I know from experience that it helps a lot in restoring one's normal frame of mind.

You have to take three doses in a single day. Usually this is enough, but if severe depression persists, you can repeat it on a second or third day. However, remember with homeopathy it is important not to overdose. If you are using the liquid form of the remedy, one dose is two drops in a tablespoon of water. As with all homeopathic remedies, don't eat anything for one hour before or after the dose. Don't store the medicine near anything strong-smelling - food, perfume, soap or anything else.

Ignatia works very well for animals too. You can give it to pets who are mourning the loss of their owner or of any human or animal they were close to. For dogs or cats, one dose should be one drop of the liquid in a teaspoon of water. Or you could use the remedy in pill form. For dogs, one dose is four pills; for a puppy or a cat, one dose is two pills. Don't touch the pills with your hands, use a spoon; or for a difficult patient, crush the pills in a little water and feed the dose with a syringe or dropper. Again, don't overdose: three doses on a single day should be enough, but if the animal seems depressed on the second day you can give another two or three doses. If you feel the animal is still grieving or that his health is affected, it would be best to consult a homeopath.

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