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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And the winner is...

Brownie made her owners very proud recently: she came first in the mixed-breed category in a dog show held by non-profit CUPA Bangalore. She doesn't seem to be mixed actually - her head and ears are those of a pure INDog/pariah - but hats off to CUPA for holding dog shows of this kind!

Owner Sana Mashood tells us about her pretty pet:

What can I say about Brownie!?

She is just amazing...

Brings a smile to our faces every time we look at her, with her devil-in-disguise attitude!! Always looks like she has done something she's not supposed to! Hates to see a dog even pass near our gate! Thinks the whole world is her territory! Even barks at birds if they sit on a tree in our garden...

Can catch anything from a bandicoot to a squirrel to a pigeon...anything
that moves and makes a noise is her plaything! Has the energy of a horse!

Supriya Aunty from next door was the only person who could get some manners into her; she taught her to "sit" and now every time we have to feed her she sits automatically!

I'm her playmate - she's ready to play with all her toys be it the tennis ball/old slippers/bone/ her gunny sack which is part of her bedding. She loves plastic bottles because they make a noise.

I must say shes a big flirt! She is on her best behavior when around any male purebreed dog! It's really funny, because with other dogs she becomes a vicious brat.

Apart from all her naughtiness she has brought lots of happiness into our lives after we lost the previous dog we had adopted.

My mom runs a play school for kids aged two to four years and Brownie gets locked up during the three hours that they come. The kids enjoy a tour of the house because they get to come in and meet Brownie and my cat Frisky and also get to pet them and feed them. Brownie lies flat on the ground and allows them to touch and feed her, I think because the kids are allowed to feed her dog biscuits which she gets only as treats, so I kind of bribe her into behaving! If left loose she would jump on the kids not realising their size, as she is allowed to jump on us family members.

I could probably continue talking about her forever!

Sana Mashood

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