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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deepa, Bandra and Lalee

Top, above: Deepa and Bandra

Now that Deepa has started making friends with other dogs (see previous post), Nicole and I decided to find out whether she'd strike up a friendship with my Lalee and my mix-breed Bandra. So a few days ago my dogs and I dropped in at their place for a while on our way to Nagaon.

The dogs were first introduced to each other in Nicole's building compound. Deepa doesn't have a fierce instinct to guard her territory and got on with them right away, though my two were a little nervous and on their best behaviour as they didn't know what to expect. Even when we entered Nicole's apartment, Deepa's reaction was quite unique. She was really happy to have other dogs in her house and didn't display any aggression at all. She went from one to the other sniffing them and wagging her tail a little and clearly giving friendly signals. Lalee remained quite nervous and growled a bit and sat in a corner throughout the visit, not responding to Deepa's overtures. Bandra being of the other gender had no such problems, and barring a few faint growls he behaved perfectly and seemed quite pleased to be there.

We've decided to fix more meetings between the three, and also to have Deepa and Nicole visit us at Nagaon though I don't want to risk Deepa coming to my Mumbai apartment, which is Lalee and Bandra's permanent territory. I have a vivid picture in my mind of how these two would behave with canine visitors there and I am not going to put their hospitality to such a test any time soon. I know I can count on them to behave well outside their home though. What kind of welcome they'll give Deepa in Nagaon remains to be seen. However we have had a dog visitor there a couple of years ago (a lhasa apso called Ronnie, belonging to Daisy Sidhwa) and that had gone off very well.

(For those who haven't read about Bandra in this blog: he was rescued from Bandra Station in 2005 and was named after that popular suburb. Half his leg had been cut off in a train accident and we had to have the remaining part amputated. He doesn't have much INDog/pariah in him. A very goofy and sweet dog).

Photos: Nicole Poyyayil

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