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Friday, December 19, 2008

Rico and Lucky

Above: Rico and Lucky's mother

Above: Lucky and Rico as pups!

Above and below: Lucky and Rico on holiday in Goa

Above: With owner Gino

One day, while I was taking my early morning walk here in Hyderabad, I came across two VERY tiny puppies (about two weeks old or so) crying loudly by a trash dumpster. Some old street lady nearby told me that the two sad puppies had already been there for two days and had been abandoned by their mother. As I was petting the two puppies (brother and sister) some other people nearby said that the mother dog had already been killing her other puppies one at a time. Without a second thought, I picked up the two, fragile puppies and carried them home with me.

Fortunately, I grew up in a dog-loving family environment back in America and helped raise many wonderful puppies. As a result, I was very well prepared in what had to be done for nutrition and care. When they completed their first meal with me, I had a "chat" with them about what names they wanted to have from now on. I first looked at my girl puppy and asked her if she liked the name "Lucky," as it was luck that had me walk by at that precise time and location. She happily barked and began to lick my fingers. Lucky it was! I then looked to my boy dog and asked him if he liked the name "Rico." He gave me a puzzled look and then I quickly explained to him that "rico" is a Spanish word which means to have lots of money...to be rich. Upon understanding this, he began to bounce all around his tiny empty bowl of milk. Rico it was!

Lucky and Rico are super intelligent dogs. With the help of my doggy trainer, they each know over 40 commands and tricks! They are now nearly one year old. Some funny things about them, Rico and Lucky are allowed to sleep with me on my king sized bed. Lucky can ONLY fall asleep when she is on top of three pillows, right by my head and with the blankets covering her. Rico can ONLY fall asleep when his body is right next to my legs and feet and he HATES to be covered with blankets. They also love to have the air conditioner turned on (as do I) in order to fall asleep.

Since that fateful day that I came across the two tiny, starving, unloved pups without a hope in the world of surviving another day or two, they have become perhaps the most spoiled dogs in the whole of India! Rico and Lucky are truly my two special "children" and I cannot think of what it would be like not to have them in my life.

Gino Santistevan

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