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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Native Alaskan Village Dogs

Above and below: The whole team!

Above: Whinny and Willow playing in winter

Above: Sisters playing in Alaska!

Above: Sisters

Above: Tukaani

Above: Tukaani and sled

Above: Totem, Stephanie's lead dog

Above: Emma with litter

The dogs in these photos are Alaskan Huskies, a breed with its genetic roots in Native Alaskan and Canadian Village Dogs. They all belong to Stephanie Little Wolf, who lives in Alaska and inherited her family's bloodline of sled dogs (the bloodline has been in her family for over 100 years!) Click here to read Stephanie's study of the Origins Of The Alaskan Husky, and here for her article on Precolumbian Tribal Dogs Of The Americas - fascinating information and a must-read for those interested in ancient canine races. Both articles follow up with a list of resources for further study.
Alaskan Village dogs are sometimes very pariah-looking. Stephanie's ten dogs are all a biological family except for her little rescued dog, a deaf husky named Olowan. Recently they have reverted to a more "village" look with breeding to a small female from the Porcupine area of northeastern Alaska. Take a look at the beautiful white sisters Willow and Whinny, latest in the bloodline. They strongly resemble the Russian laika-mix dog Nana (owned by Veera Antsalo of Helsinki) who was featured here on December 8, 2008.

"In America we have a hoax called the American Indian Dog and The Native American Indian dog," says Stephanie. "But they are simply wolf and coyote hybrids who have been bred with Siberian Huskies and several other breeds. Native folks simply call our dogs village dogs. They vary greatly and only Eskimo dogs are pure descendants of actual North American indigenous dogs here. Our Interior Alaskan Village dogs are genetic remnants whose DNA has not even been studied extensively to see if they are still related to original dogs. I look at my dogs and like to believe they are."

Photos: Stephanie Little Wolf
Alaska, USA

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