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This blog is for aboriginal breed enthusiasts. It is part of the INDog Project www.indog.co.in. Only INDogs (Indian Pariah) and INDog-mix mongrels are featured here. The two are NOT the same, do please read the text on the right to understand the difference. Our aim: to create awareness about the primitive natural breed called the Indian Pariah Dog/INDog. I sometimes feature other landrace breeds too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pups in Khargar, Navi Mumbai

Nicole Poyyayil (Deepa's owner) sent in these photos of pups near the fishmarket in Sector 20, Kharghar. Given the risky life street pups lead, I wonder how many will make it to adulthood. I find it pathetic that so many people choose to buy Eurobreed pups - totally unsuited for our climate and often sickly and delicate - instead of rescuing a homeless INDog or INDog-mix. I'm also getting tired of the vapid babbling of journalists on the subject of celebrities who buy tees and frocks for their pampered little pooches. Mumbai seems full of overweight, underexercised and generally unhealthy pets owned by the desperately-seeking-status brigade. I've even seen huskies and St.Bernards here - that's plain cruel no matter how good your airconditioning is.

Well, if any genuine dog lover is looking for a puppy, do consider picking up one of these smart little creatures.
Most INDogs don't need vets too often - nor of course frocks or airconditioning - and that is an added advantage.

Navi Mumbai

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