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Friday, February 27, 2009

Deepa in Christmas card country

I am always fascinated by pictures of our Indis in snow.

Such unlikely scenes are more common nowadays thanks to American, European and non-resident Indian dog lovers who have adopted pets from the streets of India.

Last year I posted photos of Lisa Perrine's Otis and Rhada in their snowjackets, and quite recently of Yvonne de Kock's Leela and little Rishi playing in an icy NYC dog run.

The latest to shift to colder climes is Nicole Poyyayil's Deepa.

Two months ago Deepa was taken to Nicole's family's farm in the beautiful village of Doerflingen in North Switzerland. She is living an enviable life there and seems to have adapted effortlessly to temperatures which drop to -15 degrees Celsius.

Looking at the obvious discomfort of many Eurobreeds in our sweltering Indian summer I had assumed that INDogs would be equally miserable in cold countries, but now I think that was an incorrect assumption.

Of course when it's really cold Deepa has to wear a thick coat. INDogs are practically hairless on the stomach and it is important to keep that area covered.

Look out for more pictures of this elegant dog in her new home!

Photos: Nicole Poyyayil

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