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I am an animal lover. I own two lovely dogs and two gorgeous cats. I work with the wildlife conservation NGO Satpuda Foundation in the tiger reserves of central India. Before that I worked for 14 years with the street dogs of Mumbai. I created and manage the INDog Project www.indog.co.in and the INDog Club.

This blog is for aboriginal breed enthusiasts and for the INDog/Indian Pariah Dog Club. It is part of the INDog Project www.indog.co.in. Membership of the Club is restricted to Pariah Dogs and mongrels (mix-breeds) only. The two are NOT the same, do please read the text on the right to understand the difference. Our aim: to create awareness about the primitive natural breed cynologists call the Indian Pariah Dog/INDog. The Club is an informal group with over 200 members.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Raju and Deepa

These two babies are the newest members of the Club. They were both adopted from the excellent International Animal Rescue centre in Goa, by dog lovers Tina and Godfrey D'Souza.

It made my day to hear that Tina and Godfrey were encouraged by this blog to choose native dogs instead of any Eurobreed. Everyone who sends in pictures and stories is helping to give the world a true picture of these intelligent, affectionate dogs and the sheer joy of living with them.

Raju and Deepa - Happy new life!

Photos: Tina and Godfrey D'Souza
Aldona, Bardez, Goa

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