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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Please protest about the massacre of dogs in Meerut!

A strange contradiction is growing in this country. On the one hand, the community of INDog lovers is increasing, and compassion towards all animals becoming more widespread and visible - but the animal-hating community seems to be growing too, and growing more barbaric and lawless.

As in Mumbai and Bangalore a few years ago, filthy waste disposal systems in Meerut and a pile-up of animal carcasses led to dogs collecting at the site and a lethal attack on a child. In retaliation, the mindless mobs of Meerut have gone on a rampage, killing every dog they can find.


It is just an accident of fate that placed Lalee in my home and not in the streets of Meerut, surrounded by a pack of murderous maniacs armed with sticks and guns. Yes, the killing of dogs is murder, whatever the dictionary says. The sentiment is the same, though the victim is different.

Our negligent civic bodies are directly responsible for such tragic deaths of children from dog attacks. These horrific incidents could easily and permanently be prevented, by just keeping our neighbourhood clean. But has anyone considered this simple solution? Of course not. This is India after all. Kill anything you want...but never, never, never touch the garbage. It's sacred.

Readers, please spend a few minutes emailing your protests to the people listed in the site. Those could have been our dogs, cowering and screaming in that gutter they call a city.

Anjali Sharma of Citizens For Animal Rights (Delhi) is organizing the protest and action against the Meerut authorities. For more information and updates, please email her on anjalisharma2@gmail.com And do support her by circulating this site to everyone you can.

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