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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Puppy and Poongili join the gang

Above: Proton, the first of the gang

Above: Poongili (Poongy)

Above: Puppy, Poongy's mum

Puppy was the alpha dog of our old neighbourhood. She was a semi-pet of a neighbour’s kid, but had not received any formal care or food. After Proton arrived, we started really noticing her for the first time, though she had been around for a year already. She had had her first litter and looked quite emaciated. What began as a casual mid-day meal scheme, changed into thrice daily feeding sessions, with Puppy moving bag and baggage into our yard. She had changed greatly for the better by then. Her coat was gleaming, she had filled out beautifully, became very playful and was almost painfully devoted to us.

Before we knew it, Litter Two arrived. This time six chubby guys were in our garden. Poongili was one of them. Through the internet, we were able to find homes for all of them. But Poongy was returned back to us by the people who took her, due to their own reasons. Till then, though these two girls got the same care as Proton, somehow the prospect of formally adopting them
(three dogs!!) was a little scary. This situation, though comfortable, could not be prolonged as we had to shift house and a decision had to be taken about these guys.

To the eternal credit of my parents (who were against even one dog two years ago), we formally adopted Puppy and Poongy in October last year.
Puppy enjoys her life as a house pet now, and has colonized the sofa. Maybe to make up for her difficult early life, she spends her time alternating between sleeping, eating and getting her head scratched. (Tough to believe she ever looked underweight, she looks like a sausage now).

Poongy is very active, being quite young, and spends her time playing crazy games with Proton. Their favourite sport is to try to grab Puppy unawares, but she has a knack of suddenly flipping over when they do that ( as can be seen in the first snap). Poongy also has a tendency to expand horizontally like her mother, and is usually on a strict diet and walking schedule.

Proton has become much easier to handle now, as he has an outlet for his excess energy. Having three dogs at home is not easy, and my parents bear most of the brunt, but it has been very, very worthwhile overall. They smile most of the time, and life at home has become happier than ever.

Susmita Iyer,

Rajashree's note: Inspired by Susmita, her neighbour adopted an INDog some time ago! Click here for her earlier story on Proton.

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