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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flower child

These pictures of INpuppies Raju and Deepa bring to mind my own Kimaya and her dark deeds in our Nagaon garden. Specially the pleased expression on Raju's face.

Our formerly dense fern patch is now a bleak wasteland...

More pictures of Raju and Deepa here.

Photos: Tina and Godfrey D'Souza
Aldona, Bardez


June said...

What is it with puppies and hibiscus (?)flowers and leaves. Pico ate up the ground floor neigbour hibiscus blooms. He then went ahead and ate the tender leaves as well. Like most dogs he eats grass now and then, but he loves this flower.
Lovely pictures. Love pictures of innocent as hell dogs caught in their naughty acts!

Veera said...

That is such a funny series of pictures!My dog Nana from Russia eats certain kinds of buds from trees in the spring, carefully picking them one by one from the branches. She also smells all kinds of plants and especially the flowers for a long time. I'm sure dogs find something nutrious in certain plants.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Picolo must be REALLY popular with your neighbours, June :-)

Veera, how is Nana doing? I'm sure adult dogs have a reason for eating flowers and leaves, but with pups I'm not so sure! Lalee likes certain leaves but I'm not sure her judgment is always good. For instance her first choice used to be Lantana leaves, and I used to let her eat some on our walks but then I felt it triggered an allergic reaction (red and watery eyes) so I stopped her from eating them. I don't know if that was the reason for her eye problem but Lantana can't be a natural choice for an Indian dog anyway, because it's an introduced and invasive plant, not a native one.

Godfrey & Tina said...

Glad you liked the photos!
The hibiscus cravings continue at six months.
We had Raju and Deepa sterilized last Thursday. On Friday morning they were both still slow moving. Deepa was walking slowly in the garden with me when Raju came running up from behind. Raju was carrying a nice pink and yellow hibiscus in his mouth. He moved towards us and laid the flower at Deepa's feet! I thought I heard him say....."Get well soon, sissy!"

June said...

LOL@ yeah he is popularity spread across the negative and pistive spectrum. Though the ground floor neighbour reall does likes him and baby sits him sometimes. She doesnt stop him for eating her flowers so I dont either :)

Rajashree Khalap said...

That's so sweet of Raju :-) He must have felt a hibiscus snack would do Deepa good. It's nice that Picolo, Deepa and Raju stick to flowers. Other than plants, Kimaya eats decayed fish she picks up on the beach, horse excreta, and bits of my favourite footstool. She's going to be a year old around 1st July. I wonder at what age they begin to stick to the menu!

doggylove said...

hi! my dogs too show more liking towards hibiscus tender leaves,as for liking towards flowers i havent observed as yet. will have to search for its medicinal properties!! chinky likes to eat roadside grown grass, which i dont allow, as vet says that many insects lay their eggs on the underside of grass blades, which can be harmful to our pets, i pluck the grass, wash it and then give them to eat.

Rajashree Khalap said...

I read somewhere that hibiscus is toxic for dogs, but I'm not sure whether to believe that. Kimaya chomps them quite often. All my dogs eat leaves sometimes and they seem quite okay. I don't always know what plants they are. They like lantana but again, I read somewhere that it's very toxic and I don't let them eat that.