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Friday, August 14, 2009


This is Millie, newest member of the Paul family.

The Pauls recently lost their beloved mix-breed dog Sabrina and wanted to adopt another street dog. So when Minnie and her daughter Priti saw this little pup on the road, they decided to take her home. It was Priti's choice really.

Millie is three months old now. I've been laughing at her funny expressions ever since I received these photos. Specially the picture of her sleeping, and the one of her fighting with Priti. It reminds me of my animal-filled childhood, a long long time ago! I always feel so sorry for children who grow up without pets...

Millie is going through a nipping phase, so the whole family are nursing puppy bites right now. But no-one minds, because, as Minnie says, the pup "has brought life into our lives."

Photos: Minnie Paul

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charu shah said...

i loved the one whre shes lseeping with her teddy, so cute!!!!!!!!!!