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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Midday meal

Kimaya is very fond of her toys (many gifted to her by Yvonne), and collects most of them in her bed so she can chomp them in the intervals between her other activities. Strangely, she hasn't actually destroyed any of them though some have changed colour after being left in muddy areas of the garden for days on end.

Even if one of them falls out of favour and lies around ignored for a while, just try picking it up...Kimaya will immediately rush to you, grab it firmly and take it back to her bed. I bought some toy mice for the cats, but their ownership is hotly contested. Tabbyrani and MiniPini have for the most part given up the unequal struggle and are content to play with the mice only at night, once Kimaya is taken to a different room to sleep.

I have to go through her collection every now and then and remove interesting new additions like my sandals, clothes, stones, or dead frogs and lizards. Last week she brought in a live frog, but thank goodness, it hopped away and made its escape even before I had got up to rescue it.

Some of them are squeaky toys, and some nights when she starts chewing I wake up with a start wondering if there's a rodent or some kind of bird in the room.

Lalee and Bandra were much older when I adopted them, and they weren't "brought up" to play with toys, so they never showed much interest in them. I find Kimaya's obsession with her toys extremely funny and cute, and also useful - it keeps her occupied for hours and definitely keeps her off my furniture!

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Lakshmi said...

Kimaya has a toy fetish :) How cute is that!