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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I always love to hear from people who have made a deliberate decision to adopt an Indian dog (whether INDog or INDog-mix) over a foreign "purebreed." Most of our dogs are rescues, adopted on impulse because of compassion, and that is really heartwarming; but those people who simply want a dog in their lives and pick an Indian one - they make me feel we Indians are finally changing...

Here are some pictures and a story sent in by one such discerning dog owner, Rohitangshu Das:

On 10 of January 2008, I went to the Nagpur SPCA shelter to adopt a dog. The caretakers there presented Bush to me. I started having second thoughts, because he was quite big. They told me he was between 1.5 and 2 years and were very insistent that I should take him.

The caretakers told that any dog who wags his tail at friendly sounds is good and not ferocious! Bush wagged his tail after I made some sounds so I was satisfied with their explanation. So I proceeded towards my home with Bush.

When we brought him home, we started thinking about what to name him and came up with some common names. But my father said, he is special and so he must be named after some famous personality. At that time Bush was the US president and so our new dog was named after him!

From Nagpur he was taken by train to Delhi, and then to Kolkata, where he lives now.

Bush is a good, obedient, friendly, energetic dog and sometimes his energy outdoes mine. He is always ready for play - throw a ball at him and he will jump for it, even if he is in deep slumber when you start the game! When any of my family members comes home after a couple of hours absence, he greets them, jumps over them and drives them crazy until someone calms him down.

He has grown in to a nice personality and has also learnt new commands (sit, stay, lie down and shake hands) - but his energy remains the same as always!

Rohitangshu Das

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doggylove said...

congrats! what a personality bush has!!i loved his snaps!