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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chile's street dogs of many breeds!

This evocative picture was taken by Mary Lascelles on a recent trip to Chile. Mary, thanks for letting me post it here.

These so-called "stray" dogs seem to be much like the ones in Peru, they are all Eurobreeds or a mix of Eurobreeds, unlike our Indian city street dogs, which are nearly always mixed with Indian Pariah Dog/INDog.

In fact street dogs in Peru and Chile often seem to be pets who are roaming around unsupervised. I noticed this in Arequipa and Cusco and smaller towns on a trip to Peru in 2008. This is much like our village dogs, who appear to be "stray" to a casual observer but are frequently simply pets who wander around part of the day and go home to eat and sleep.

That's partly why I find the word "stray" practically meaningless, and I wish people wouldn't use it loosely. It indicates neither breed nor race nor even ownership status actually...

But I'm digressing here. This topic calls for a separate post: "Is a stray really a stray?" Coming up soon.

Meanwhile, check here for earlier posts on street dogs of Santo Domingo and Peru. Or perhaps I should say, "Dogs that were on the street at the time of clicking, in Santo Domingo and Peru!!!"

Photo: Mary Lascelles,


doggylove said...

no wonder all the 3 dogs in the snap, seem to be quite healthy, rather fat!!this kind of dog keeping as pets is common in villages of india. the dog sits outside the house, gets to eat something everyday.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Yes and it roams around too but goes home for meals and sleep - and if urban people spot it while it's roaming, it's labelled a "stray" dog. Straying and roaming/wandering are two different things.