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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Roshan Kumar

This beautiful dog belongs to Shalini Patnaik and her family.

Shalini lives in the US with her parents, but they spend holidays in Bhubaneshwar where her grandparents live. On one of their trips they adopted a street pup and named him Roshan Kumar.

He lived happily with Shalini's grandparents for a while, but then they started spending more and more time in the US, and the Patnaiks decided to fly Roshan there to join the family.

"We didn't like to leave him in the care of those who were unlikely to have treated Roshan with the same love and affection as we feel he and all dogs deserve," explains Shalini.

Well, Roshan went on a 30-hour long journey, his first time on a plane, and was reunited with his family, in California. "We love and adore our dear Roshan and are so excited to have him with us," says Shalini.

All those people who dump their pets when they get posted abroad - I hope you're reading this.

Photos: Shalini Patnaik
Orissa, California


TJ said...

Beautiful! =) It is extremely moving to see people who actually care for their pets and consider them as a part of their family!

Deeps said...

what's the procedure behind taking your pets along on an international flight? my main concern is how pets survive such a long air journey.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Where do you want to take your pet? Lufthansa seems to be the best airline judging by the feedback I've got from a number of people. I have some info sent by a couple of people who've taken dogs abroad. I can send it to you if you like. Please email me on rajashree DOT khalap AT gmail DOT com Also search the IDA website for this topic (link is here in the list).

charu shah said...

i really hope that stories like these are made public, to make people understand that a pet is not something u get on a whim or a fancy, and once u hav taken that presponsibility, dont put it on someone elses head! ur pet will never live the same happy life it lived with u!
there is another site also called petvacations. i dont know if they help u travelling abroad, but they do have list of hotels etc in india and they help u in taking your pet anywhere in india