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Friday, March 12, 2010

The game

For our canine followers: this is a simple sort of game that can be played by two dogs (or more). It's one of Kimaya's favourites.

This is how it's played: (1) find a dog, (2) bark and snap at it and do lots of play bows to invite it to join the game, (3) start running up to a predermined point, with the dog running after you, (4) stop running, turn around and chase the dog back the way you came, till you reach the spot where this silly game started, (5) keep repeating this indefinitely while your human mummy stands by with your leash in her hand, calling you to finish and come home. It's very important to pay no attention at all to anything she's saying.

Have fun!


More of Kimaya, the White Dog and other friends in this video:
"Dogwatching on the beach"


Sarah said...

Great pictures, I can feel their energy!

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks Sarah. This started out as a birding trip btw...you can see what it turned into :-)

wandereress said...

Sammy does this with me. Exactly the same game!!! His entire trip with me is to play this game for as long as I can when I visit Ma's. :)
This is soooo enjoyable to watch...really funny.