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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maoists order tribals to kill their own dogs

Click on the image to enlarge and read this horrible story. I was never a Maoist sympathizer though I do understand why the movement started - but it has reached a level of brutality that simply can't be justified on any grounds. These people are Red Scum as far as I'm concerned, and those who support them from the safety of their big city living rooms are no better. The tribals who don't follow their violent creed are very much to be pitied, and even more so are the innocent animals that are butchered by them. Last year during the Maoist invasion of Similipal Tiger Reserve, these "heroes" beat up unarmed guards and tourists and then pumped ten bullets into an elephant belonging to the Forest Department. In West Bengal they've occupied a forest corridor used by elephants since time immemorial; the elephants are being chased off with firecrackers, and in desperation and hunger have started ravaging villages and fields in the area. Only humans have "forest rights" nowadays, wild animals don't. Last year some news reports also exposed the fact that Maoists are using the wildlife and timber trade to raise funds for their movement.

The move against dogs is hardly surprising, coming from these butchers. While I strongly oppose the tribal hunts which still go on (illegally) in the more backward parts of the country, I am always touched by the affection and respect for dogs that I've seen in tribal villages around India. In areas where hunting has long stopped, dogs are still kept as companions, livestock guardians and watchdogs. Ordering these people to kill their own dogs is inhuman and sick on every level!


jyoti said...

Rajshree! me too ,a few days back, went through this ill psychic diktat issued by self proclaimed torch bearers of poor and down trodden published in Times of India. These are all goons and butchers wearing the mask of a redeemer and defying the governments and making the life of people hell by carrying out vendetta every now and then by committing carnage of inncoent people.They have now shift their cruel eyes on these hapless creatures. This Red Scum can only be eradicated from swathes of Eastern and South India by adopting Iron fist ploicy towards these beasts. Govenrment should adopt a quite tough stand with honest political will garnering the support from across the party line.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Unfortunately, all this seems comfortably far away to urban Indians, hence the lack of reaction or outrage about anything these butchers do! Already they control such a large chunk of the country but nobody seems bothered.