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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Indy and the cat, Part 6

Leela has featured in this series before, and so has Apollo the Red Persian (see The Indi and the cat Part 1, link below). The new cat-friend here is young Rishi and here is a really cute picture of all three of them in their pretty garden in Cape Town.

Furry purry Apollo is such a nice gentle creature it would be hard for anyone to dislike him, but then most dogs are governed by instinct in this area. It's possible for owners to socialize a young Indi to cats though. I've also observed that many city street dogs here tend to tolerate or at least ignore cats. When they become pets they don't pay much attention to the house cat though they may chase away feline intruders in their territory. Brownie, Lucy, Bandra and now Puppy have all entered my house as adults but none of them has attacked the cats (okay, Lucy did need a smack once, but only once, right in the beginning). Kimaya chases away a tom cat who often enters our garden, but she loves Tabbyrani and MiniPini. It's important for the owner to make it clear from the start that attacks on the house cat/s will NOT be tolerated. Rough "dog" games should never be allowed either, as they may end up killing the cat.

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Photo: Yvonne de Kock
Cape Town

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