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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mummy Doggy walks again

This is about the fall and rise of Mummy Doggy, and about how she became a pet dog.

Chandrika Hassan first wrote to me in mid-February to tell me about a dog she looked after in Bangalore who had become disabled after a car ran over her hind legs. The dog was a female who had been pregnant nine months before the accident. Here's a picture of her taken at that time.

Mummy Doggy, as Chandrika named her, was taken to a Bangalore NGO but the vet there said her hind legs were paralyzed and recommended euthanasia.

"I could see the life and hope in her eyes," Chandrika wrote in her email. "I really don't think she has to die."

Since she reported that the hind legs could move slightly, I suggested that she should go to a Bangalore-based homeopath I had heard of who treats animals, Dr Delna Tarapore, who had been highly recommended by some people I know. It turned out Mummy Doggy had femur fractures in both hind legs, not a spinal injury, and both Dr Tarapore and a vet called Dr Pawan felt she would recover with medication, supplements and rest. Animal lover Reena Puri guided Chandrika about care - Reena has had experience looking after such cases before.

Fast foward to the happy ending. From Chandrika's recent email:

"Mummy doggy is doing really great. She has become very cheerful but the best thing is that she's able to walk now and that too on all four legs. She hops on three legs when she wants to run. I'm sure she'll run and play around normally soon. She has become a sweet naughty girl, follows me around the house, likes to sleep with us on the bed (she can jump and climb on the bed without any help). The way she coped up during the recovery process is truly amazing. She would do something different every day and it was like telling us 'Hey, did you see me do that? I'm recovering!' Its an immerse joy to see her improve every single day. We are going to get her spayed next month and then she'll go to Chennai and live with my parents."

Stories like this are such mood-uppers. Isn't it great that there are some sincere dog lovers and nice doctors in the world? At least a few animals get the life they deserve.

Photos: Chandrika Hassan


charu shah said...

i am really happy with the dedication hat chandrika showed to a STRAY dog! if there were more people like her, who wud not treat dogs like dogs, but living beings who need as much care and compassion as a human, then the life of all animals will be safe and filled with happiness!

Deeps said...

aww this is so touchy! I'm so glad she's all fine now :) Bless you!

doggylove said...

god bless u chandrika! it was great u could read in her eyes! many a times, dogs do pass on a message if they want help, and not mercy!! great going, keep it up!