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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Recently I got an email that made me really proud.

It was from a dog lover called Pawankumar Singh, and here's what it said: "It was your blog and posts of people who really love dogs that helped me convince my wife and parents to adopt an Indi dog."

That put a really big smile on my face. Great to know our efforts aren't totally in vain and we are helping to change attitudes! Thanks, all you fantastic Indi owners who take the trouble to send me your pet's photos and stories. Let's keep showing off our wonderdogs in this space!

So here's Pawan's little friend Smoke (he also calls the pup Tinkaabell):

"During my schooldays I made several attempts to adopt an Indi dog but failed...my parents were against it," Pawan writes. "But this time after lots of persuasion they agreed and finally we got in a street pup from our neighbourhood. We named him 'Smoke' because my dad was fuming with anger at us for adopting a street dog. But now he loves and adores him the most."

Who wouldn't love this pup? Look at his expressions!

Pawan, I'm sure all the readers of this blog would congratulate you on your choice. Lucky little Smoke and lucky you. Indis are the best!!

Photos: Pawankumar Singh
Navi Mumbai


Deeps said...

aww he sure is so cuteee!!

Rajashree Khalap said...

Aren't his eyes and ears adorable :-) He looks as if he could fly off somewhere with those ears. And look at Minnie-Me, what a sweet happy little dog. I really hope some nice person adopts her and she won't have to go to a shelter...heartbreaking waste of such a lovely little dog.

Godfrey & Tina said...

Wow! Raju had ears like that as a pup. I told my husband I was afraid all of the other dogs were going to make fun of him! As Raju grew his ears would take turns standing. Now he flaps them like a bird! Gosh smoke is so cute! You will be so happy you chose an INDog!

Sarah said...

Great story! Love his bunny ears!

charu shah said...

such a cutie pie! love him sleeping in the lap and yawning. he seems ready to take off! :)

Sameer Prabhakar said...

love those ears !! why are you saying, I really hope some nice person adopts her ? Pawan just got her right ?

Rajashree Khalap said...

I wrote that about Minnie-Me, Sameer :-) The pup for adoption in the next post. Absolute darling of a dog!

doggylove said...

hi all!hi pawan! good decision!smoke is very cute indeed! mostly when he becomes adult dog and gains strength, his ears will become upright! i like it either ways!! a new female pup has come in my locality(sent her with pooja for spaying this tuesday!), she has small upright ears, but their tips are drooping!! halves of both types!!

pawan said...

Hi, Everyone...
Thanks for your love toward my little friend.