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Friday, June 25, 2010

Pups for adoption in Kolkata - let's all do our bit to help!

One of the many adoption appeals I receive from animal lovers around India. All these homeless dogs are invariably beautiful, bright-eyed and cute. And yet many remain as they began: homeless. I've no doubt at all that if they'd been pugs or labradors there would have been dozens of takers for them. Such is the hypocrisy and stupidity of "dog lovers" in our country.

These two are in Kolkata. Sadhwi Sondhi gives their details:

These two puppies were dumped outside an animal lover's gate. They had been through abuse and were sick, hurt and terrified. The female puppy (bottom) has bounced back remarkably and is a brave little dog, self-appointed protector of her less fortunate brother, playful and friendly.The male puppy (top) has a birth defect and has weak hind legs.But he has devised a way to move around by balancing himself on his defunct hindlegs and propelling himself forward in short bursts. He will get better with food, care and medicines. Please help us find them both great loving homes. Contact Anandaroop at 09903898247 or email at anandaroop.ghosh@gmail.com

We can each do our bit by circulating these and other appeals to our contacts, posting them on our Facebook profiles or simply telling animal lovers (real ones) about these fantastic dogs. It would only take a few minutes. I strongly believe that for each homeless animal, there exists somewhere a perfect owner. We can try to find them with just a little extra trouble. Specially since we have a mindbogglingly powerful tool at our disposal - the net. Chances of adoption obviously shoot up if more and more people get to see the dogs.

So let's not sigh and think "sad, but nothing much I can do" and turn away while these little creatures fade away in shelters or get crushed to death on the street. You can do something. Once a week or at least once a fortnight, do go through the adoption sites I've listed (check the bottom right of this page) and make sure others get to see them too.

Photo and appeal: Sadhwi Sondhi
Sadhwi's blog: http://straysrhot.blogspot.com


Dr.Suchita said...

Hi I am presently in KOlkata but am a pariah dog lover and keeper since childhood. I have a cat with her 2 kittens at home but i am more of a dog person. i would love to take care of the handicapped pup. is my post too late if not then let me know

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks a lot! I don't know what happened to these pups, but please could you contact Sadhwi Sondhi who sent me this appeal sadhwi@hotmail.com
There may be other pups you can help. She has an NGO called Red Paws Rescue, based in Delhi but they post adoption appeals for dogs around the country.

Ilovethesmellofnepalinthemorning said...

Hi Dr. Suchitra, I saw this message a few years too late. The boy dog (with the weak legs) died shortly after the appeal was put up. He was born with a very bad case of worms, and the vet couldn't save him in spite of his best efforts. The girl dog was adopted by a friend, and she has grown up to be a very happy dog. Thank you for offering to help.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

We have found 2 super cute female puppies on the street in front of our house, they were without their mom and were surely going to die so we took them in, fed them and cared for them for a couple of days. They are around 10 weeks old we think. We can't keep them because we are leaving India soon...

Please help us as it would break our heart to have to put them back on the streets as they would surely not survive...

Thanks so much in advance,
Boris Couteaux
T: 9652531318
E-mail: bobocouto@hotmail.com

Sandeep Goswami said...

I want to join this campaign. Indian pariah breed is highly intelligent one. But unfortunately no Kennel Club recognise them...Forget about any kennel club...people are busy getting Lab, GSD and what not...but no one gives a second thought about them.

Surendra Singh said...

We had adopted a very cute Street dog in Delhi when it was few days old. We hv now shifted to Kolkata with the dog. We hv small place and few kids at home so it is difficult to keep him at home. The dog 6 months old now. We h shifted him to a dog shelter but he is not happy there. We r looking for some good soul and dog lover who can adopt him. If any body interested Pl call me. My name is Surendra Singh. Mob no. 9830167737. Email : forsuri@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

We hd adopted a stree Dog in Delhi when it was few days old. All his vacations are done. He is a smart looking dog and very healthy. He is now 6 months old. We hv now shifted to Kolkata. We hv a small house and few kids at home here so it's difficult for us to keep the dog at home. We hv shifted him to a dog shelter in Kolkata but he seems to be very unhappy there. Any good soul and a dog lover is ready to adopt him, we will be happy. If interested Pl cjontact me. Surendra Singh. Mob no. 9830167737. Email : forsuri@gmail.com