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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Judy revisited

Putting the spotlight back on Judy, who made her debut in this blog in May (click here). I've really enjoyed reading about this dog in owner BB Singh's emails. I hope I'll get to meet her "in person" some day. I liked her personality so much I want to share bits of it here - with her dad's permission!

From B B Singh:

Judy will sit, shake hands, roll over and stay on command from any of us.

She will never eat anything if thrown on the floor. You have to give her food in her special bowl...She is so meek if you tell her not to eat she will stop and just look at you. You can leave anything on the dinner table or around the house. Judy has never touched anything she is not suppose to touch.

She will never go out alone or without a leash even if the door is open. We taught her all this without any punishment and only by spending a lot of time with her and giving a lot of love. Sometimes we wonder whether she understands everything we say...

Judy doesn't have any faith in us as far as the security of our home is concerned. If any guest comes over, Judy will be the first to receive the person, will scrutinize him and will continue sitting in the drawing room. As long he is chatting there are no problems, but if he touches anything like a magazine or book or anything else, he'll receive a deep-throated growl or loud bark!

Judy is an expert at opening self-closing spring-loaded doors. She can open any unbolted door from inside or outside.

We never need morning alarms. At 5 a.m. sharp, she will start scratching me or my sons or my wife to take her for a walk. I like these sessions.

Judy just can't be kept away while we have our lunch or dinner. She will dutifully sit at our side and keep a supervisory eye on the goings-on.

She is extremely playful, and will start pulling our trouser legs to make us go on to the terrace with her to play a "tug of war" game or "throw a ball and see how quickly I bring it" game. There is a big park in front of my house where children play cricket. Judy used to sit on the boundary and whenever there was a four or six, she used to run like a rocket and bring the ball into our house before any of the fielders could reach her. Nobody dared claim it back from her. She collected more than 10 rubber cricket balls. Now of course I no longer allow her to go on to the cricket ground.

Her fame is a point of envy for us sometimes! Whenever my wife and I take Judy for walks, many small children will stop her to shake hands with her. Our home address is better known as
Judy ka ghar ("Judy's home"). My wife is called Judy ki mummy in all the Air Force Colony.

On one of our walks a lady on the pavement told her small son to move away as there was a dog approaching. The child promptly reprimanded her, "Mummy, this isn't a dog, it's Judy! She never bites."

I actually avoid meeting small groups of children during our walks because they hold us up for a long time, asking Judy to sit, shake hands and fetch!

The reception Judy gives us when I return from long courses or duty, or when my sons return from college - with her shining eyes, wagging tail and licking of our ears - it's just PRICELESS.

B B Singh


Deeps said...

That is truly wonderful! I bet you feel so blessed to have Judy in your life :)

Dhirendra Singh said...

wow Judy....she remembers me & my kids even after 1 or 2 yrs gap.she is an amazing pet.