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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Urgent!! Homes needed for 3 lovely dogs in Ahmedabad

Dog lover Priya Shastri is in a nightmare situation right now and has no option but to part with her beloved pet dogs. It's an unbearable plight for a dog owner and my heart goes out to her and her pets. Please help find homes for them by circulating this appeal. She is willing to bear all their maintenance costs.

Dear friends,

I have 3 great pets. Snuggly, Jhinku, and Bijli. They are 3 years old and are vaccinated and neutered/sterilized (they can't have babies).

They are the most special for me and my life since the past 3 years has revolved around them. They bring me happiness, joy, love, and are always there for me.

We were a happy family, 3 dogs, me, and my mom. However as some of you know, my father shifted to Ahmedabad a few months ago. Unlike me and my mom he hates dogs. There has been a fight since 3 months regarding the dogs. He tried many times to get them caught and thrown out. Each time he failed, except today. He has won and basically thrown my dogs and me out of the house. He has resorted to threats, violence, and blackmail to prove his point. I have many places to go but my dogs have none.

They are currently tied to a tree in Mina Mashi's garden. But this is not a permanent fix for them. They can only stay there for a couple of days. I have to find homes for them. Unfortunately I know I will have to separate the three and they will perhaps never meet each other again. They are siblings and have been together since they were born.

If anyone can take one, even all three I will be most grateful.

I cannot release them back on the street, they wont be able to survive. There are no permanent kennels in Ahmedabad where they can be kept either. If we can't find them a home they will eventually have to be put to sleep which is something I would never want to do willingly.

I am ready to take the financial responsibility of their health and food needs, including the cost of any fencing that will need to be done in your home/garden for them.

This is not a request but a cry for help. I am desperate and I just do not know what to do. I am attaching their pics with this e-mail.

Please help me!

Priya Shastri
For adoption call 09925827584

UPDATE: Two of the dogs have been adopted, and Priya is keeping one of them with her.


Sarah said...

Priya .. I tried to message you on Facebook but can no longer find your account. I am so sorry and offer my deepest sympathies to what you are going through. It sounds like your father has a blind hatred for dogs and I can imagine how uncomfortable home life has been. I can't do much from Canada but I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

priya, i can imagine of what you're ging hrough at the moment and i pray to god for the good. Have spread the word around and hope that they find a loving home.
-Vikas Rivoo