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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lady and the Tramp, Part 2

Our friend Brownie is on the beach most evenings, and playing with him is the high point of Kimaya's day. He loves running and he also loves splashing in the sea, so they have a lot in common.

Brownie has an amazing gift for preventing and resolving conflicts. He does this more than any other dog I've ever met. Much of his behaviour reminds me of Turid Rugaas's wonderful little book "On talking terms with dogs" - here's my post about the book and this is her website. He adores Kimaya and is very protective of her. He prevents other dogs from coming too close to her by getting in between them. In fact he does this frequently with different dogs too. Watch him in this video, he breaks up potential conflicts several times - Dogwatching on the beach

Above, below: The brown INDog in these pictures is actually a friend of Brownie's but he was worried that the dog might harm Kimaya. He had been playing with him but when we arrived on the beach he stood between the INDog and Kimaya and barked till the INDog went away.

And then it's time for pushing and shoving and racing...

Below: Brownie and Lalee

Above: I've taught Brownie to "sit" for a biscuit like Kimaya and Lalee, but here he got a bit impatient!

When Lalee and I are in Nagaon, Brownie always comes home with us for dinner. After a meal and an hour's nap he's taken back to his own home by our caretaker. He's often a dinner guest at our house when Lalee and I aren't there too. Sometimes he accompanies Kimaya and our caretaker home from the beach, but sometimes he comes over by himself and whines at our gate to be let in. His manners are excellent and even that stern critic, Tabbyrani, approves of him and allows him to sniff her a little.

We've tried having him sleep over at our place, but he just can't bear to be locked into a room and soon after midnight starts scratching the door and trying to get out. So we thought it best to drop him back to his own place for the night. His family own a tourist lodge and a plantation with a fence all around, so Brownie can roam the grounds at night but he can't get out.

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Note: All the beach pictures in this post were taken with my phone, because it was raining intermittently and I didn't want my camera to get wet.



doggylove said...

hi rajashree! every time u post pics with dogs roaming free on their own on a vast empty piece of land i wish my dogs would get something like this!!not sure of chinky, she is continuously scared of something or other?!!but tommy would definitely make the most of this opportunity.speaking of brownie's manners i just remembered late 'bangdu'. this dog was so intelligent that never sat in front of my door but used to climb one stair case higher that goes to the terrace(where no one ever goes)and wait for me to open the door.this way bldg people hardly knew there was a stray dog in bldg!!when he wanted to escape out of the premises he would put his ears to test, if he heard voices he would wait patiently till he heard a door banged closed!!he also understood a door bell,and would wait for people to settle down.most probably he died of distemper(this must be some 5 yrs back), as he came from ida after sterilisation he was coughing, i had started with cough syrup as first step of treatment but he just went underground, i never saw him again, nor his dead body?

Rajashree Khalap said...

Manik you're most welcome to bring Tommy some time if you think he'd enjoy it! Dogs are allowed on the Maldar ferry and after that it's a one hour autorickshaw ride to my place. To tell you the truth, I want to bring Kimaya to stay with us in Mumbai after she's a bit older. She loves the freedom there but she also loves being with Lalee and me. Perhaps after a few years she won't want to run so much and then she'd be happy staying here.

Bangdu sounds like one of those super-intelligent dogs - there are some rare ones like that! What a horrible death. I can't bear it when dogs die after neutering. It's supposed to make their lives safer and longer!I would have lost Lalee the same way but I hospitalized her the day after her symptoms appeared and the distemper was cured.