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This blog is for aboriginal breed enthusiasts. It is part of the INDog Project www.indog.co.in. Only INDogs (Indian Pariah) and INDog-mix mongrels are featured here. The two are NOT the same, do please read the text on the right to understand the difference. Our aim: to create awareness about the primitive natural breed called the Indian Pariah Dog/INDog. I sometimes feature other landrace breeds too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little dog on the shore

That's my pretty Kimaya wandering at the water's edge, and of course the Dog with the Doughnut Tail is Lalee.

I took these pictures a couple of days before the oil spill in Mumbai. The oil floated down the coast and in Nagaon people have been told not to catch or eat fish. Kimaya is not being taken to the beach at all for now, and we've warned the owners of our dog friend Brownie not to let him out either.

I wonder whether the oystercatchers, whimbrels, brahminy kites and magnificent white-bellied sea eagle are safe...they make the beach even more beautiful.


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