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Friday, November 5, 2010


Why doesn't Lalee want to return to Mumbai after our Nagaon visits? Hmmm, can't imagine!
There have been occasions when we've had to
actually drag her out from under the bed when it's time to come back. Grumpy doesn't begin to describe her expression.

I understand, I feel quite the same myself. I do the best I can by taking her there every fortnight for a few days. We spend at least 8 days there every month.

I wouldn't mind leaving her there for a few days more with our caretaker, but she isn't really as independent as she appears and tends to fret without me.



suchismita said...

I read your piece on distemper and what to do.. on adopt a stray blog.. I am caring or trying to care for a stray who is exhibiting these signs. he is a fighter but now is unsteady on his feet .. he still has an appetite. he does not let me touch him.. thanks to the trauma that has been heaped on him from birth.. i do manage to give him supplements and an antibiotic for his wounds.. Pls help. thanks

Suchismita said...

forgot to leave my email id
paisuchi@gmail.com hope you can help with distemper.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hi, I'll email you. Lalee had distemper in December 2001 but we detected it early and she was completely cured. I adopted her after that. She was treated by a very good vet at the Bai Sakabai Dinshaw Petit hospital for Animals and she was also treated by a homeopathic doctor.