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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rick and Spike celebrate their third adoption anniversary

It's been three years since these brothers joined the Sawant family. We've seen lots of lucky pups in this blog, and here are two of the luckiest.

I'm quoting Charu Shah, who rescued them from the street and found this lovely home for them:

"There were these tiny adorable puppies in my office lane, that I used to feed. Seven of them were there, one was extremely weak and surviving on pet food, as the others would push him and not let him drink milk. When I came back to work after the Diwali break I found the little one dead. Cursed myself for almost one week for not being there for the little one when he needed me the most!

Anyway, the other pups were growing up and healthy. Prerana Sawant said she wanted to adopt two male pups and took these two bundles. They had a welcoming party at home for the little ones, and yesterday I got a message from her. Rick and Spike have completed three wonderful years with the Sawant family!

I know for sure that they are in a good loving home...and these pictures of the grown-up dogs say it all!"

Above, below: Spike

Above, below: Rick

Read about the brothers in this earlier post, and also in The caring brother.

Do spread the word about pet adoption - check the links listed here (white text panel on the right), and visit Charu's adoption blog.

Photos: Prerana Sawant
Thane, Maharashtra


georgia little pea said...

Can't help laughing at the pic of spike in shirt. Always good to see rescued dogs doing well and happy.

charu shah said...

rajashree, last 3 pics are of rick, only top one is spike :)
other imp thing is that 1 of them has a thyroid problem, and prerna never complained that she got a sick dog. she takes him to vet and gets treatment, and only when i call to check, i come to know. they also get to go and run around at their farmhouse every couple of weeks, where they run and roll in mud (had sent u pic earlier)
if only we had more people like her to adopt indogs!

Rajashree Khalap said...

Whoops didn't realize that, I thought Rick has dropped ears and Spike has the upright ones!

I remember reading that hypothyroidism in dogs can be caused by steroid use (cortisone). Bunny - that's Bandra - was severely hypothyroid but it wasn't a problem really. He just had to have eltroxin every day. Very nice of Prerana not to complain about that, but on the other hand why should any owner complain about their pet's health problems if any? Animals are organic and not factory-made. Only a third-rate owner would "return it to the store."