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I'm an aboriginal dog breed fancier, birder and wildlife conservationist. I work with the wildlife conservation NGO Satpuda Foundation in the tiger reserves of central India. Before that I worked for 14 years with the street dogs of Mumbai. I created and manage the INDog Project www.indog.co.in and the INDog Club.

This blog is for aboriginal breed enthusiasts. It is part of the INDog Project www.indog.co.in. Only INDogs (Indian Pariah) and INDog-mix mongrels are featured here. The two are NOT the same, do please read the text on the right to understand the difference. Our aim: to create awareness about the primitive natural breed called the Indian Pariah Dog/INDog.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Three pups for adoption - Karjat

These cute little pups are in Karjat. They are all females, around 5 weeks old.

They have recently been abandoned by their mother. The mother used to feed them initially, but has stopped now for some reason.

At present we are feeding them, but we already own two dogs and are not in a position to look after these pups. But we want them to find good homes soon with genuine dog lovers.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to adopt one or more of them! They are in Karjat. Homes in and around Karjat or Mumbai would be preferable.

Contact: Bhavika Jhaveri - 9820931740


Giri said...

Hi i am giri from coimbatore,tamil nadu.Your blog is good and very usefull.Recently i bought 3 hounds-2 chippiparai and 1 kombi.I would like to know about the book The indian dog by soman,w.v
Waiting for your reply and information about that book where to get or copy of that book.I know its old book published in 1962 only one edition has published.If u read that book pls let me know where can i get that copy.

Thanking you,
Giri srinivasn

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hi Giri,
As far as I know the book is not available anywhere. I was lucky as one of the last copies was gifted to me. You could check with Amazon.com for old copies. You could also check among Kennel Club members if anyone has a copy you could read. Some libraries may have it...I don't know. Sorry I can't be of much use.