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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rico and Lucky: Christmas album

Gino Santistevan just sent in Christmas greetings to all our members and readers - that's a greeting from Gino and of course his two canine children Rico and Lucky.

These beautiful siblings were rescued and adopted by Gino when he was living in Hyderabad. They all shifted to San Francisco over a year ago.

Read their story here.

"Rico and Lucky have been absolutely wonderful and have adjusted to the U.S. and to San Francisco beautifully," Gino writes. "There is not a day that goes by that people stop and stare at Rico and Lucky, trying to figure out what kind of breed they are and admiring them for their sleek bodies, super shiny coats, confident stride, alert attention, and their overall unique 'desi-ness.' When we go to one of the many 'dogs only' parks here in San Francisco, so many other dog owners are impressed by them and always ask me what kind of dogs they are and I end up telling them the short version of their story."

More of their Christmas pictures below!

Unlike Rico and Lucky, my Lalee simply can't bear clothes! I'm trying to imagine what she would do if I dressed her in anything. Probably tear her clothes to shreds! She hates her raincoat and barely tolerates the winter coat I got her for Nagaon.

Below: This one is of their Halloween costumes - Rico is a Yellow Submarine and Lucky is a Yellow Bumblebee!

Photos: Gino Santistevan
San Francisco,


doggylove said...

they look soo cute!
i went to two pet shops yesterday, and nobody is having t shirts for dogs?!! they say, as theres a cold wave in mumbai, the demand for clothes has hiked like never before!!at present tommy wears my t shirt!dont know abt chinky,will have to try, its real cold when we go for early morning walks!

Gino said...

I have been to Mumbai many times, and I love, love, love a pet store there called The Pet Shop. I bought about 10 different shirts and jackets for my two dogs while I was still living in Hyderabad. The address of the Pet Store is Kwality House, 1-3
Sitaram Patkar Marg, Hughes Road, Kemps Corner, and there phone number is +91-22-23806278. The owner's cell phone (he is an older man named Ebrahim) is 23805513. Before you go there, I would first recommend to you to get a tape measure and mesure your dog from the base of his neck (where a collar would go around his neck) to the base of where his tail begins. This will let you know what size of shirts and jackets to buy. Take care:)


wandereress said...

Gino, you have done a wonderful thing by giving a loving family to these two good looking siblings. I read their story just now and I am so touched to read about how you rescued them. Truly wonderful!

Rajashree Khalap said...

Paws 'n' Furs in Bandra used to have tees for dogs, we bought some for one of our dogs in 2006 when he had lost all his fur.

Gino, I know Ibrahims at Kemps Corner, they're really good! The Paws 'n' Furs shop is run by his niece btw.

We have 2 nice places near my house in Colaba too: Doggy Articles, and a pet grooming salon "It's a dog's life," which also keeps accessories and treats.