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Sunday, December 19, 2010


This seems to be the month of the Non-Resident Indian Dog!

Here's Sita, our latest member, owned by Francie Ricks. Sita has very recently arrived in Wisconsin, her new home.

I'm starting with the "after" picture to show how beautiful and sweet she is. Here she is, dressed for a walk in the snow.

And now for the "before" picture:

"I found Sita on the street in Pune...mangy and sore and scratching," says Francie. "I started to feed her, and then got a vet to come and give her a shot for mange and some other medicines.

"I had him vaccinate her for rabies JUST IN CASE I wanted to bring her home, though at that time I did not intend to.

"But we quickly became attached."

Above: A week after vet treatment

"At the home of friends in Pune who kept her until we could fly back.
5 weeks later she flew home with me to Wisconsin in the U.S."

Above: Upon arrival in Minneapolis

"Though she's only been here a few days she fits right in and goes out in the snow (for a very short time) and everything."

Moral of the story: There's a beautiful happy healthy dog inside every mangy, scratching and emaciated street dog you see. Francie, thanks for recognizing the real Sita back in those early days!

Photos: Francie Ricks


wandereress said...

Francie, what you have done, has given us a remarkable and touching story of love. Thanks so much.
Rajashree, I couldn't agree with you more. There's an after version of Sita hidden inside every 'before' one. Only needs a little love and care for the miracle to happen.Thanks for this wonderful platform where I can get to know of such positive tales.

carazy. said...

so heartening to read these stories. The both of you are blessed!