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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Urgent: Puppies for adoption, Navi Mumbai

These beautiful pups are the survivors in a litter of six. Their brothers are dead.

Animal lover Anupam Katkar took these little boys in to save them from being mowed down by traffic. Please help getting them good homes - circulate this appeal!

From Anupam:

"These pups were born in a heap of garbage. Their mother was/is in bad shape. She has half a tail and limps. They were a litter of six - ALL boys! Four were black and white, and two were white.

Whenever I would go to feed them, the mother would let the pups eat and wouldn't eat anything herself. By now, she had become skin and bones. The pups were in danger of vehicles running them over. People see pups and yet they just don't care ...

Yesterday, in a span of 24 hours, two pups died. One is missing, presumably dead. When I went to feed them, one of the black and white pups was lying in a pool of blood - roadkill. One of the white pups was lying dead in another trash heap - also dead.

Of the three remaining pups (these three), the one on the right had gotten run over by an MUV. He couldn't raise his lower body yesterday. He's standing and limping today and seems a bit stronger. I brought him home, then fed the mother, had her say goodbye to the two healthy pups (she understood, kissed them and then left) and brought them home too - before another tragedy.

Let's call them, from left to right, T2, T1 and T3. Why T? Well why not."

Contact Anupam:

Navi Mumbai


georgia little pea said...

You did a good thing, rescuing these pups. I hope they find good homes soon.

The last part of your story made me tear up. That the mother would be willing to leave her pups like that...as if she understood:( It made me think of an earlier post here about Leela and the penguins...and the emotional life of dogs.

I hope the mother will be alright. Is there some reason why SHE couldn't be saved off the streets as well?

doggylove said...

i just remembered, my chinky's sister,dinky,was a hit and run case(at that time chinky was not my pet,the sisters must be around 4 months old),i had just fed them their dinner, and reached home,i got a call from roadside fellow,dinky lying on rd,i asked him to put her on pavement,to save her from further injuries.i rushed back wit few medicines i knew of,but sad ,she had died within minutes of the hit.chinky wa hiding in a shop,shivering as she must have witnessed the accident,her mother, was making circles, sniffing dinky and going away, again coming back,trying to nudge her with her muzzle(asking her to get up?).i brought a cloth from roadside people i knew,wrapped her body,and carried it to a big garbage bin in vicinity,all the way, pinky the mother dog followed me, sniffing the wrapped body intermittently, i spoke a few last words to dinky, and kept her on the heap of rubbish,pinky was watching my actions, i told her too that her pup is no more,and asked her to go back,i left the place, pinky stood there for few more minutes, but later went to her original place.most dogs do understand,if their sibling or pup is dead.tiger,another stray refused to eat for few days after his mothers death.they shared almost 6 yrs together.

wandereress said...

I admire all rescue efforts like this. Thanks Anupam and wish you luck in finding good homes for these adorable babies. I am hoping they all get adopted. Juhee

charu shah said...

update- 2 of the pups have got good homes :) third one is in foster home, as she was injured. but i am sure that she will also be in safe hands soon!

Rajashree Khalap said...

Wow, lovely news Charu! Thanks for the update. Very heartening to know there are so many intelligent people around who like Indian dogs :-)

charu shah said...

absolutely rajashree! infact, one lady had called me to adopt a small male pup for her kid. she already has 2 female mongrels at home, so thought it to be better to get a small breed, but i told her that i work only for our indian dogs.
in 2 days, i saw anupams pics and asked that lady if she would be interested in one of the pups, and she didnt mind. so now, 1 of the pups in in a house with 2 other mongrels, so i dont think it will be a problem at all!
the other pup, was given away to some working couple, but was returned as they could not care for it. luckily, anupam or whoever helped him, got another family to adopt the pup, so now both of them are settled in happy families :)

Anupam Katkar said...

Hi everyone!

I was surfing through this blog and happened to read this post about me. I was not aware that such a post existed, or I might have responded sooner. Ah, well. :) All three pups found excellent homes. The one climbing my leg is now a farm dog in Karjat - moving from a crowded city to a farm to run and play on ... it doesn't get any better than that! ;) The injured pup healed completely.

The mother ... her injuries also healed. She is living in my colony itself. She has a collar around her neck and has sort of been adopted by a family that lives in a rowhouse. She's very intelligent and playful. :)

- Anupam

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hi Anupam! I think you'd tagged me in the FB photos so I shared them here. Very glad they all got such great homes, and the mum I hope is spayed now!

nicola loyola chandiok said...


my name is nicola loyola chandiok , I too have an Indian breed ,I perfer to call him and his kind a BOMBAY SETTLER rather than pariah... Along with my husband Ishmeet we have opened a doggie gourmet company called Harley's Corner in honour of our doggie.

Sorry to ramble on.. point being -people should open up their minds n hearts and take home the bombay settlers , they are so much fun and intelligent blokes... Adopting harley has changed my life , cant think why I did not do it sooner.

I would suggest if one is looking to adaopt a puppy , go outside if you see a cutie , tahe him / her home and see how ur life changes for the better !!

Lots of luck and good wishes..