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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

INDog-mix prevents a robbery!!

Amit Parmar's young Indi Lucky recently foiled a burglary attempt! Read Amit's story below:

My family and I adopted Lucky, an INDog-mix, around six and a half months ago when he was just a three-month old pup. I adopted him from Malika in Dadar, with the help of Charu Shah, who is a friend as both of us work for animal welfare.

Lucky is a pampered pup and extremely smart. He is very good with kids and every day plays with the building children and has never harmed anyone. When he goes out for walks with me or any family member, he is very friendly with everyone on the road and doesn't bite anyone. But at the same time, if a stranger comes home, he becomes alert and barks a lot. At times he also gets aggressive if he sees a new face outside our house.

Even the vet, who came for his vaccinations, is a little scared of him and has suggested to us that since he is a very alert pup he will be a good watch dog, better than a German Shepherd or a Labrador. He had advised us to keep him at an office or factory, as Lucky would be a very good security dog, but we refused as he had already become a family member and we loved him a lot.

Lucky proved his guard dog skills this Sunday, 20 February, 2011. All our family members had gone to attend a wedding and I had gone out on some work. My younger brother Piyush had stayed back because his board exams are approaching and he was studying. He had Lucky with him.

Piyush had been studying since early morning so he was drowsy around 3 p.m., and he lay on the sofa with Lucky beside him. Just before lying down Piyush had taken Lucky for a walk and after coming back had given him a chew stick, which he was busy nibbling on.

After some time Piyush heard a hammering sound, but he ignored it thinking that some work was going on in the neighbour's house or in the neighbouring building. But Lucky went into the living room and started barking loudly at the front door. Since Piyush was sleepy, he didn't realize what was happening and he went to open the front door. As soon as he opened it, Lucky ran out and started chasing the man outside. He bolted after him and also bit him on his hand. The man had an accomplice waiting on a motorbike outside the gate. They finally managed to get away with Lucky chasing behind them. After running behind them for almost 300 feet or so, Piyush called Lucky and he came back. Only after he went back home did he realize that these men were professional thieves, and they had managed to open both the locks! They were about to enter the house when Lucky's barks woke Piyush up.

Lucky has not been trained as a guard dog, but he had powerful instinct which saved our house from burglary, and probably my brother's life as well!

We went to the police station and registered a complaint. Two policemen came to inspect my house and they confirmed that someone had managed to break the locks and open the door. When the policemen came home Lucky was a good boy and greeted them warmly.

One of the policemen offered to adopt Lucky from us, saying that he woud take him along for patrolling at night, but of course we had to refuse them.

As you can see, INDogs are the best and superior to any "pure" breed. At the age of 9.5 months Lucky did all this even without any sort of training. He has become the hero of our house now!!

Photos and story: Amit Parmar
Vile Parle

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wandereress said...

Indogs are very sharp and Lucky is another proof of that! A Hero!! Bravo Lucky!

Urja Baggins said...

Bravo, Lucky! Indeed a smart and loyal dog.

The pariahs do seem to have instinctive guard dog tendencies - I've noticed the same in my Puppy too. I wish more people would realize how alert, affectionate and loyal they are.

Wishing Lucky all the best for the future.

-Swati Chavda

suchismita said...

When you named him lucky, you were prophetic... :)

Lubna said...

Brave Lucky. I am glad those thieves did not injure her.