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Sunday, March 13, 2011


We have a new member, Brandy. Proud owner Shivdas tells us about him:

My wife and I have always been dog lovers and we wanted a pet who would really need a home and loving parents.

We came across an advertisement on the net regarding a pariah dog for adoption. His mother had died when he was one month old and he had two siblings. He was born on a construction site and the security guards there would take care of these babies along with another dog lover who lives near the site. He was the one who put an ad on the net.

We went to see them and chose Brandy. My wife named him Brandy as he is multi-coloured (brown, fawn, black and white).

He's the best thing that has ever happened to us. He is so understanding that if I get angry with him and don't talk to him, he actually cries till I go and pet him.

Despite him being just 7 months old, he knows who are friends and who are not. He would only bark if someone is at our the door or a stranger he is wary of. Wherever my wife goes, he has to follow her. In fact they are both crazy about each other.

He has such beautiful eyes that one doesn't even feel like scolding him if he has been naughty. He will look at you with such an innocent expression that one's heart will just melt! He is the best stress-buster one can have. Of course at times he can be a real devil. He has a trainer at the moment.

Friends who had seen him at the time when we had brought him home can't believe the change. And those seeing him for the first time ask which breed he is. We proudly say he is a pariah and frankly not many know what a pariah dog is, but are only used to the term stray.

He is not at all a fussy eater and loves karela (bitter gourd)!

Photos and story: Shivdas Nair,


Sarah said...

Very cute! Brandy reminds me of a slightly heavier set version of my desi-mix dog, Pete.


He's the one in the top row, was found on the side of the road at 4months in Ahmedabad in the summer of 2009.

So happy that Brandy found you and you him. :)

Lam Chun See said...

Hi. You and your fellow dog lovers should view this video about a dog that survived the Japanese tsunami and stayed by the side of his injured pal.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Poor thing! What an unbelievable nightmare for the people and animals of Japan. Hope these ones got rescued finally. I've been seeing several touching images of people who managed to save their pets or got reunited with them.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Sarah these are SO beautiful, like all your images!!