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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The red dog and the sea

Lalee HATES the sea.

She likes the beach and the sand, and marking spots where other dogs have peed, and she specially likes rolling in places where the sand smells horrible (rotting fish is a favourite fragrance).

But water and waves, she does not like.

The sea is for aquatic creatures like fish and cetaceans and octopi and Kimaya.
Lalee is determined to remain, exclusively, a terrestrial being.

Last week I tried to convince her that splashing in the sea is a joyful activity that every dog should experience. I had to lead her in on her leash, not too deep but just to belly-level. In fact I had to lure her with treats to even get her in that far. Getting a cat in the sea would be easier.

Kimaya adores the sea, as you may have seen in this recent post about Lalee's tenth birthday celebrations.

Above, below: Kimaya played in the sea with Brownie, as usual.

She tried to get Lalee enthused about the water...with no success.

She even tried to free Lalee from bondage, hoping it would be more fun for her that way.
It wouldn't. Lalee would have bolted to the shore in a couple of seconds.

Kimaya looks out at the sea; Lalee looks longingly in the opposite direction.

When will this torture end? Can we go back please?

Photos taken with my phone (except for the slideshow pictures)


wandereress said...

Lovely and so entertaining. Poor Lalee, her dislike is so evident, the last pic is so cute!

georgia little pea said...

What a funny story! I've "met" so many dogs in blogs lately that don't swim or hate water, even supposedly water-loving dogs like labs. I thought Georgia was bad at swimming, but now I see I have nothing to complain about! Lalee and Georgia have something in common...stinky dead stuff. Dogs are dogs, wherever they live :)

Thanks so much for your message. It's really helping not to blog, feels much better now. Strangely enough, housework seems good for it. Gah!

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks Juhee and Georgia's human! Poor Lalee, I don't think I'll do this to her again :-)

The worst thing about those stinky dead smells is they are soooo hard to get rid of, even with lots of soap. I often find Essence of Dead Rodent on Kimaya, in fact I've sometimes found dead rodents in her bed, placed carefully among her toys!

I got myself a hideous contoured office type of chair and it's done wonders for my back. It's the ugliest thing I've ever bought but you should probably get one! That and physio help me survive blogging :-)

Veera said...

Nana is exactly like Lalee, the absolute limit is when the water touches her stomach. If there are stones sticking from the water she steps on the stones and makes her way as far as she can, taking of course a huge risk because the stones are slippery and she could end up in the sea! But she is very skilled at balancing on the stones - just makes me wonder how come she is afraid of descending stairs but not walking on slippery and uneven stones above water...

Rajashree Khalap said...

Kimaya used to be scared of stairs too, when we first shifted her to Mumbai. She spent her first two years in our Nagaon bungalow where she didn't have to deal with stairs, so I think it was just unfamiliarity. Perhaps it's the same thing with Nana? I found the best trick with Kimaya was to just lead the way down the stairs without looking back at her. She had to follow me because of the leash, and over time she just got used to it.

Veera said...

Nana became nervous in stairs after she once fell in them. She is afraid only inside buildings, when the material is such that it's easy to slip. Stairs that are covered with carpet are okay. However, she does get used to stairs after a little bit of practise but she has to get used to all stairs individually. She goes up and down three flights of stairs at the place where I work (she is usually with me) quite fluently but she has to go next to the wall to feel safe. But it might be a problem if we go to a new house with new stairs.

Rajashree Khalap said...

Yes I remember you wrote about her fall. Poor thing, I would react the same way, in fact I am nervous of heights myself. Perhaps with time she'll get over the fear.

Sinfy said...

what is it with pooches and dead stinky stuff.. esp. something fishy!!! my Ponky goes bonkers, and if a chance comes by, she would probly rub the stink all over!!