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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tommy, Chinky and Steffi

Manik just sent me pictures of Tommy and Chinky and I'm so pleased to see them again! It's been a while since they appeared in this blog.

Read about Manik's beautiful family in these earlier posts.

There are pictures of black-and-tan Steffi in this set too. She's a street dog who had a huge growth. Manik fostered her for two weeks and nursed her back to health.

Above, below: My favourites - Tommy sitting on a bench with his friend, Uncle Babu bhai, a milkman in the area

Above, below: Tommy, handsome as ever

Above: Chinky the brown beauty. Her left ear is ruined because of the identification notch made after neutering. A sad thing, but such identification marks are needed so the public, and NGOs, and municipal dog-catching teams, know that they are neutered and don't admit them for spaying again. Of course Chinky became Manik's house pet later, so there was more no need for this kind of identification, but a notch is unfortunately irreversible.

Above: Steffi, the guest. She developed a huge growth after a collision with a vehicle. At first it seemed like a malignancy, but the dog is blessed - it was just necrotic tissue. She was treated (absolutely free of charge) by Dr Umesh Karkare and the surgeon Dr Uttara, and thanks to them and Manik's care, she's absolutely fine now and back in her old spot on the street.

Stay out of trouble Steffi, and stay safe!

Photos: Dr Manik Godbole

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