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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Whitey's Song

Like many Indies, Whitey's life had a sad beginning but got a lot better thanks to some very kind people. Now he really needs a happy-ever-after ending. Please help him by posting his appeal wherever you can.

Here is his story, sent in by Devika Mukerji Khazvini of The Cattitude Trust, Chennai.

When the occupants of the building Whitey had lived in from puppyhood decided to “evict” this joyful, friendly dog, he would not leave because he believed that was his home. So they gathered together and beat him unconscious.

A brave young girl, seeing he was still alive, called the Blue Cross and stood guarding him till they arrived on the scene. Not only did the BC team rush Whitey to their hospital but they booked the offenders under the PCA act.

By some wonderful miracle, Whitey responded to the treatment and the love he was shown by the volunteers and the manager Dawn Williams. At night, Whitey would cry out in sadness, and Dawn would take him into his own quarters, play him music and calm him down.

Once healed, Whitey’s story spread among animal lovers and it became known that he had nowhere to go, as his previous home posed obvious dangers, with such cruel people around. Hearing of his plight, Kiran Rao, our Trustee and loyal friend to animals, offered to add Whitey to her family of many dogs and cats. Once safely at Kiran’s, Whitey finally began to enjoy some nourishing food and lots of rest. And anyone who visits him is greeted with boisterous exuberance as he has finally shed the last of his terrible fear of humans.

But since the other dogs there have been around a long time Whitey feels left out, and still sings his sad song. It is now quite clear that he wants to bond closely with a human family. His needs are simple. Good food, some open space, shelter from the elements (we feel he would be uncomfortable indoors all the time as he is not used to it) and lots of love and companionship without too many other dogs to share it with! He is young, neutered and in excellent health.

Would you like to be the lucky family to give Whitey the happiness he deserves; to give him a new and happy song to sing? If so, please email cattitudetrust@gmail.com

PS. Would the brave young girl who helped save Whitey please mail us? Whitey would love to meet her and say thank you.

Devika Mukerji Khazvini
The Cattitude Trust

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What Remains Now said...

I have looked at this post several times and I am praying that Whitey finds a home. Your post is a loving description of him. He looks like such a good boy.